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Fountain of Wisdom Ministries: Participating in Gods Purpose for the Nations - DISCERNING SPIRITUAL CLIMATES
02nd December, 2020. 10:11
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Natural climates differ from place to place in different parts of the world. Weather conditions, locations of oceans, mountains and vegetation such as trees etc. all affect climatic conditions everywhere. Just like the natural so is the spiritual. Natural climates differ from place to place in different parts of the world. Weather conditions, locations of oceans, mountains and vegetation such as trees etc. all affect climatic conditions everywhere. Just like the natural so is the spiritual. There are spiritual climates that differ from place to place as well. There are things that affect spiritual climates as things affect natural climates.

If you enter a room after a heated argument, you feel in the atmosphere that some harsh words have been spoken. Something in the air just hangs in there. The climate has been affected.

Spiritual climates are generated and affected by WORDS, THOUGHTS, ACTIONS and ATTITUDES. We need not only to discern them but to generate the right ones and eradicate the wrong ones. Spiritual climates create the right conditions for things to happen. In places where sinful actions have taken place, an atmosphere that is conducive to such actions is generated. People just seem to walk right in and their minds are bombarded with thoughts that were not theirs. When you enter into a climate you can perceive what is in that climate by what kind of thoughts you notice flooding your mind.

Many people have stayed in hotel rooms right after some others who did all sorts of things. These new guests in this hotel suddenly find themselves bombarded by the lustful and immoral climate generated by the actions of previous guests. Christians should make a habit of praying over hotel rooms when they come in to stay.

A study on climate generators:
Words: James 3:1 tell us that our words regulate our lives. Anyone who can control his tongue can regulate his body. The tongue has so much power that in Prov 18:21 it says “Death and life are in the power of the tongue”.

Words are also very powerful because a life cycle is set in motion when life in the Word is fed into your heart and your words reveal what is in your heart. The heart is affected by the words of the mouth. The cycle is formed. When instead of life in the Word, death words of fear and unbelief are fed into the heart, the mouth will also speak it out. Death words will release death situations around and the cycle of death increases with time.

Your faith affects and is affected by the words of your mouth.

Thoughts: These are spiritual antennae for whatever you attract to yourself. “As a man thinketh, so he is” Prov 23:7. A lot of battle goes on in the mind. The determining factor for what happens in the natural realm is in the mind realm. A sense of identity, our courage to act on what is right and ability to be decisive are all in the mind. So also every other thing that is negative starts in the mind too!

Suspicions, doubts and fear all dwell in the mind. You need to deal at the mind realm. Watch your thoughts – it is the beginning of all your actions and you future is shaped by it all.

Attitudes: The key to your attitude in life – have a victorious attitude born out of your walk with God. Don’t yield to a prideful, selfish attitude, rather exercise your self in humility and selfless love.

Actions: 1 Sam 2:3 Actions are weighed. Hannah’s attitude after the prayer of Eli changed and her actions proved she was ready to receive the baby she had prayed for.

Actions are the final things that determine results. In Joshua 21:8, keeping the law in your heart and mouth should lead to doing it then you will make your way prosperous. Your actions make you or mar you. When Joseph heard that he was needed by the Pharaoh, his actions changed. He shaved, changed his clothes and obviously prepared for a new future. His actions mattered too!

To generate the right climate is to let God’s Word be what you put in your mouth, your mind and act on it all the time. Satan seeks to generate his own climate by causing people to speak, think and act on his lies.

Are you going to be dominated by the prevailing climate or are you going to generate yours? You can carry your climate with you everywhere you go. Discern right and generate the right climate that confronts the wrong one. Do it with an attitude of joy. Let your words, thoughts, actions and attitudes be aligned with God’s Word and watch every other climate collapse around you.

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Rev. Kola Ewuosho

Author Rev. Kola Ewuosho on 29th July, 2008. 18:49
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