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Fountain of Wisdom Ministries: Participating in Gods Purpose for the Nations - THE ESTHER CHURCH
Author Rev. Kola Ewuosho on 29th July, 2008. 18:50

Every attack on God’s way of doing things in the nations of the earth is an indirect attack on the Church of God in that nation. The Church is meant to be God’s representative on the earth. God’s Kingdom agents is what the Church is about. The Church was set up for the effectiveness, influence and expansion of God’s Kingdom. God’s way of doing things is a definition of His Kingdom. Every breakdown of law and order, every lack of definite moral code to define human behaviour as good or bad is indirectly wrecking God’s way of doing things in the lives of people, in families and eventually in the society at large. Whenever people disregard God’s way of doing things, permission is automatically granted to the prince of darkness and his cohorts to come and carry out destruction on human spirit, soul and body. Many people walking around today carry in them the seed of destruction that is constantly working to destroy their future, potential peace of mind and well being. Mankind’s need for deliverance speaks for itself. God’s church carrying the message of God’s love through Jesus Christ is the answer that some seem to be resisting.

Now we need to define God’s church as opposed to the citadels that obviously position themselves as “church”. What we know as church today in many countries has lost its sense of purpose, direction and meaning. In some countries the citadel is simply a political, social cum religious gathering. The connection to God’s Spirit has been so obliterated that there is no clarity as to who God is, what He is about or how to cultivate a meaningful relationship with Him. Religiosity has completely blinded people to the reality of God. Religiosity is not the exclusive preserve of orthodox set-ups. The spread is affecting the modern churches too.

The Old Testament is a “shadow” of the things to come. It is interesting to see how the life of Joseph foreshadows the life of Jesus in his being sold as a slave and ending up as a “saviour” for his people. The Tabernacle of Moses is a type of the progression in our relationship with God. There are many types and shadows in the Old Testament that paint a general picture of future events. For example, Saul’s leadership contrasted with David’s reveal the different types of leaders existing contemporarily even in the Church. Also David’s victory over Goliath should generate a similar impact if we “see” the Son of David’s victory over Satan on the Cross. The Israelites got bold and came out of their hiding places when Goliath fell and was killed. Do we “see” Jesus’ victory over sin, Satan and the world in this context?

The book of Esther is an interesting picture of all sorts of types and shadows. Remember that shadows do not usually reveal details accurately but when you understand the shadow you can comprehend in a sense the substance that cast that shadow. The book is an interesting read about a ruling monarch over the entire known world. His queen was Vashti. She did not respond favourably to the request of the King to display her beauty before the other leading men in the Kingdom.

She was penalised as she seemed to have her agenda at the expense of the King’s. The penalty was, “she would never see the King again”. The story reveals how a young girl, Esther, having been brought up by an uncle, Mordecai (both Jews) eventually had the opportunity to be selected as Queen to replace Vashti. With various events, the picture became clear that there has been a sinister desire in Satan to wipe out the Jews – God’s own people. Is that the same satanic spirit that took a hold of Hitler that led to the killing of six million Jews? Back to Esther. It seems clear that in God’s master plan, she was put in this position for a time such as this. That is where it really gets interesting. God is a God of purpose; He put you where you are for a time such as this. A time when the people of God are under attack in different parts of the world. You – yes you, my reader – are here for this purpose – to do what is within you to save, deliver, heal and enhance God’s purposes on earth.

When Esther was challenged to do something with her privileged position she felt incapable of doing anything whatsoever. Thank God for ‘Mordecais’ who challenges us to go beyond what our natural circumstances permit us to go. Going the next mile is never easy. At that point some will disconnect from a Mordecai who is exerting pressure on them. Why bother with other’s problems, you already have your “secured” position of comfort and luxury. Secured positions in the natural are only temporal if not used in connection with God’s purposes.

ESTHER 4: 13-16
Mordecai represents the apostles today who are training and releasing the younger generation for their destiny. Such apostles are so fierce, thy will not bow down to sin, no matter its political correctness.

They are not swayed by political or social status and they attract trouble to themselves and those around them. They would rather die than live on their knees begging any situation. No wonder the apostles in Acts 8 said to Simon the sorcerer, “your money perish with you”. That Apostolic spirit already existed in the Old Testament. Look at the challenge to Esther in v14. We need such anointings today!

Apostolic work nurtures and challenges us into our God-ordained future. Our future will not unfold just because of our present comfort or convenience. There is a fight for the future God has for us. Challenges are designed to remove all that needs to be removed, to strengthen us to fulfil our destinies.

Vashti represents the weak, unfocused and political church having her own agenda not God’s, doing her own thing and not seeking to do the will of God. Esther represents the nurtured church that is willing and able to say “if I perish, I perish”. The present comfort is not enough to blind her to her future in God. Who are you? A Vashti or an Esther church? Are you moved by convenience or conviction? Can you see a future in God through your God-connection? Would you forsake a relationship that challenges you in God or would you embrace the discomfort for your conviction in God? Think about it!

Finally, the drama in the book of Esther reveals yet another aspect of the picture. What has been written cannot be erased so another decree was written. “The soul that sins shall die” has been written. Now anyone who believes in Jesus shall be saved. The people of God need to embrace what is now written and war against what was written that would be against them. What was written against us has been washed by the blood of Jesus. Satan our adversary will try to use what has been written before to hold us in bondage to our past sins and therefore destroy us. But thanks be unto God who has given us the victory.

Like the Esther Church, arise and save yourself and the people and the land from the forces of destruction that seek to enthrone themselves in the land to perpetuate evil and destruction. It is time for Esthers to rise and say, “If I perish, I perish!”

Jesus is Lord!

Rev. Kola Ewuosho

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